Mladen Roxanich

With a huge love of wine, specifically those of the Rhone valley, Mladen Rožanić spent 15 years nurturing his passion and turning it into an Istrian reality. After years of visiting wine regions throughout Europe learning from well-respected makers, he launched a search in Istria for the best area to plant the vineyards that would achieve what he planned.

In 2004 he began his collaboration with Antun Banko, a winegrower from Kosinožići near Porec, through their mutual respect for the mix of autochthonous grapes and characteristic red soil which had the potential to create superb fine wines in Istria.

Over four years 23 hectares were planted near Višnjan, an ideal area for winegrowing thanks to its excellent climatic and geological conditions.

The name Vina 'Roxanich' arose from a play on words on Mladen's family name: until the 16th century Venetian grammar was used locally and the spelling of Rožanić was Roxanich; his surname translates into the emblem of his family crest: a man carrying a rose.

Roxanich wines are made naturally with the highest ecological standards; vineyards cultivated following traditional techniques with crop control and minimal use of technology; mechanical and chemical intervention is excluded. Characteristic of Roxanich wines are a long maturation period in the cellar, with wines ageing in wooden casks for 3 years. After bottling the wine continues to age in the 900 sq metre wine cellar before being launched on the market – so the first wines that appeared, in November 2008, were the 2005 Teran, TeranRe and Merlot.

Now producing 70,000 bottles a year, and amassing gold medals and awards internationally, still the holistic philosophy behind Roxanich is simple and honest. A chapel dedicated to St Anthony lies in the vineyards. And with the meticulous attention to detail and extraordinary patience of the winegrower that creates these fine wines of such distinct colour, bouquet and taste, we think these wines are truly blessed.